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Spectroscopy Systems

In principle our cameras runs with all kinds of spectrometers, but it should be considered that the spectra must be focused on a straight line. The focal line of a standard monochromator is a curve. Therefore a measured spectra will be defocused on the sensor surface. The offered spectrographs have a special flat field correction for use with linear sensors (i: imaging type). We offer complete systems with camera. The camera can be unmounted and used separately in all our systems.

SR163 with one grating

A low cost system is the Andor SR163i with a hand driven micro positioner. Here the grating is positioned once and then it is fixed by a screw. As long as it is not moved, no new calibration is needed.

Acton 2156 with two gratings

A more convinient system is the Acton 2156 spectrometer which is computer controlled. The gratings position is set by a motor and 2 gratings can be swapped by the computer. The spectrometer is controlled by an own application via an usb connection. A labview remote control is also possible.

Prism spectrometer

For the usage of our big case high speed cameras, we developed a prism spectrometer. The spectrometer is intended as a kit with standard parts, so that a great flexibility is achieved and expansions and changes are made easy. For that reason the spectrometer parts are not fixed tight and can get out of place by vibrations and jars. Therefore the spectrometer must be newly aligned and calibrated after delivery or transportation.

We offer 3 kinds of prisms for different spectral ranges (uv-silica, vis-F2, visir-F11). The prism is 60mm high, that 2 beams can be inserted with a 20mm distance to each other. So it is possible to separate the 2 beams with different mirrors and focus them on two separate sensors. The advantage of a prism is the better intensity (no loss in higher orders) and the wider range (we can offer the range 500nm-1700nm on one G11608 sensor). The drawback is the lower resolution and that the scale is not linear.

other spectrometers with better resolution and with 3 gratings on demand. Please ask for an offer.

inside prism spectrometer
Oriel MS257 spectrometer with cooled IR and FFT camera
inside prism spectrometer
Horiba iHR320 spectrometer with FFT sensor head

Spectrometer broschure with pricelist (PDF: 450KB)