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CCD-Linescan camera for direct computer control

Our CCD-linescan cameras are suitable for all kinds of optic measuring tasks, like object recognition and quality control tests, position and distance measurement, or for spectral and laser beam diagnostics.
The linescan cameras work with CCD or PDA linear image sensors from different manufacturers. The sensors have different sizes from 7 µm to 50 µm wide and 7 µm to 2500 µm high. The length variies from 128 to 12000 pixel.
A comprehensive manual with many programming references and applications is added to the camera system.

Simple Interface

Into the camera a complete interface with A/D-converter and transfer logic for a parallel data transmission to a computer is integrated. The interface is based on a parallel port with 8 bit data input and 2 handshake outputs. So a simple connection to an embedded system can be established. Also a computers printer port (5µs / value), our ISA-board (1µs / value) or our PCI-board (up to 30ns / value) can be used.

Complete System

A complete system consists of a camera, an interface (for IBM compatible computers) and driver software for Win7, 8, 10 (32 and 64bit versions). An additional available universal control program enables a simple ready set go solution, even for unusual problems. The program can be delivered with sourcecode (programming languages: MS visualC++), so that the user is able to change the code for his special purpose. Also a software interface to Labview (DLL) is available.

The maximum exposuretime, limited through temperature depending darkness noise, totals at room temperature according to the sensor to 1 to 50 seconds. An additional cooling can extend this up to 1000 times.
The minimal exposuretime corresponds to the read-out time of a complete line and is given through the term: number of pixels * storing time for one data value. On the PCI-Bus the fastest transferrate is 30ns / value, which is only reached by the fastest sensors.

For the measurement of optic signals at inaccessible places a small adapter board is available, with which the sensor can be pursued outside the camera case. The printed circuit board is about 40 x 30 mm and is delivered with a 0.5m long cable. This adapter board is connected with the camera case.
In addition we offer a stable micro positioner with a shielded case for these boards.

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