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Headline: Overview

The Software is available in 2 different packages for the operating systems Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64 bit).
Driver Package for the user, who only needs to link the camera driver to his own applications.
WCCD-Application for the user, who needs a ready application for measuring and data processing

Driver Package

The package includes the driver (*.SYS) and an example software (written in MS visual C) for linking the driver to your own software.
The software loop reads the data and displays an x,y graph on the monitor. The sourcecode shows the call of the camera functions.

Also included are some labview applications (shown right) and the DLL for linking the driver from other software. The DLL Source is also included (MS Visual C).

The complex control program ' WCCD' suits for a multitude of applications and sensors. With the ability to change the sourcecode you can develop even unusual individual applications. With buying the Sourcecode you get all rights for the software - no licensing!

The main features of the standard program are
* Graphic display in realtime.
* Free choice of the exposuretime and therefore of the sensitivity.
* External Trigger to synchronize the camera for single events.
* Mathematic functions.
* Automatic storage of measurements.
* Three-dimensional display of time changing signals.
* custom specific tasks on demand.

Special functions for FFT and area cameras
* 3D and grayscale display (see below)
* partial binning of area of interest ('binning' = adds lines already in the chip)

A laser dot is shown in 3D and grayscale picture.  
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