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The cooling can decrease the temperature dependent dark noise of the sensor up to 1000 times. So the exposuretime and therefore the sensitivity can be increased for cw signals by this factor. The thermo electric cooling is managed by one ore more Peltier elements and the temperature is stabilized by a controller. A heat sink with a fan is used to emit the heating power.
Cooling Series 2000CV1
This Version is used for cooling standard sensor chips which have no special housing or build in peltier elements. To avoid condensation at the sensor window, the case is completely sealed and the inner humidity is dryed with a regenarable drying agent or alternativly with dry gas. Here the sensor is mounted on one or more peltier elements.

An external control unit implies the camera electronic, temperature control and power supply. The temperature of the sensor is stabilized down to -20 °C (-40 ° for special sensors).
Cooled Systems
Cooling Series 2000CV2
Some sensors are already available in a sealed and dry case. These sensors can be mounted directly to a heat sink, as they have one or more build in Peltier elements. These are mounted directly under the photo sensitive elements and can therefore cool them very efficiently. Additionally the case is filled with dry nitrogen so that no condensating is possible. This system needs no maintenance at all.

The temperatur control is implemented in the camera case and can be setup by the computer. Only an external power supply is needed (5V/3A), the camera is connected directly to our PCI- board.
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