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Cooled Systems


Usually at these high line rates (>100 Hz) a cooling does not have a benefit. At these frequencies the read noise is the limiting factor for the dynamic range. Only if the sensor must be used with longer exposure times, a cooling make sense. Here the dark noise (accumulated generated electrons by heat) will start to degrade the dynamic range. Also if the FFT sensors are not used in binning mode, it could be an advantage to use the cooled version. Here the read time of a complete frame can reach 1 Hz or more. Only the extended IR sensors (1-2.5 µm) series G1147x must be cooled. Here the dark noise and the number of defective pixel is higher than the standard type (1-1.7 µm).

The cooling can decrease the temperature dependent dark noise of the sensor up to 1000 times. So the exposure time and therefore the sensitivity can be increased for cw signals by this factor. The thermo electric cooling is managed by one ore more Peltier elements and the temperature is stabilized by a build in controller. A heat sink with a fan is used to emit the heating power.

Cooling Series FLPC3000

The cooled cameras are stand alone systems and do not need a CamControl unit. The Hamamatsu sensors of series FLPC3000 are already available in a sealed and dry case. These sensors can be mounted directly to a heat sink, as they have one or more build in Peltier elements. These are mounted directly under the photo sensitive elements and can therefore cool them very efficiently. Additionally the case is filled with dry nitrogen so that no condensate at the window is possible. This system needs no maintenance at all.

The temperature control is implemented in the camera case and can be setup by the computer. Only an external power supply is needed. The cameras can be chained to other cameras of series 3001 and to our IOControl as well.

cooled CCD-Arrays (FFT's)
'Back thinned FFT-CCD' S7031, VIS: 200 - 1100nm
Sensor Act. area Pitch Pixel
S7031- [mm] [µm] h x v
906 12,29 x 1,39 24 512 x 58
907 12,29 x 2,93 24 512 x 122
908 12,29 x 6,00 24 512 x 250
1006 24,58 x 1,39 24 1024 x 58
1007 24,58 x 2,93 24 1024 x 122
1008 24,58 x 6,00 24 1024 x 250
cooled Photo Diode Array (PDA's)
Sensor Pixel size Pitch Pixel

[µm] [µm]
S5930 50 x 2500 50 256/512
S5931 25 x 2500 25 512/1024
cooled IRs (InGaAs) with extended sensitivity up to 2.55µm
Sensor Pixel size pitch Pixel spectral response

[µm] [µm]
G11475 25/50 x 250 25/50 256/512 0.9-1.85
G11476 50 x 250 50 256 0.9-2.05
G11477 25/50 x 250 25/50 256/512 0.9-2.15
G11478 25/50 x 250 25/50 256/512 0.9-2.55