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High Speed Camery Systems FL3030

High Speed Cameras

Our high speed cameras with 1024 pixel are capable to run at 100 kHz with reduced active pixel (950) or at 95kHz with 1024 active pixel. With 2 PCIE interface boards even 2 cameras can be used parallel with up to 100kHz single trigger.

The used sensor is from Hamamatsu: S14290Q. It has 1024 pixel with a 24 x 500 µm size each. Sensitivity is from 200 to 1.1 µm. The AD-converter has 14bit resolution (0..16k).

As the high speed heats up the sensor, it is cooled by a fan. The sensor is not active cooled. At this high speed a cooling for a lower dark signal is not really necessary.

Each camera is a stand alone system with own power supply. It can be chained with other cameras of series 3030 or with an IOControl as well, but with reduced trigger rate.

We can also offer a 30kHz IR camera with the Hamamatsu sensor G10768-1024D with 1024 InGaAs pixel, sensitive from 0.9-1.7 µm.