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High Speed Camery Systems FL3030

High Speed Cameras

Our high speed cameras with 1024 pixel are capable to run parallel with 2 PCIE interface boards with up to 50kHz single trigger. When 2 cameras are used in a chain with one PCIE board, only 30kHz can be reached.

The used sensor is from Hamamatsu: S11490. It has 1024 pixel with a 24 x 500 µm size each. Sensitivity is from 320 to 1.1 µm. The AD-converter has 14bit resolution (0..16k).

As the high speed heats up the sensor, it is cooled by a fan. The sensor is not active cooled. At this high speed a cooling is not really necessary.

Each camera is a stand alone system with own power supply. It can be chained with other cameras of series 3030 or with an IOControl as well.

We can also offer a 30kHz IR camera with the Hamamatsu sensor G10768 with 1024 InGaAs pixel, sensitive from 0.9-1.7 µm. Please ask if you are interested.