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High Speed Cameras
For a better overlook the cameras with high speed data rates are listed separately below. The noted maximum pixel clock (pclk) is reached with the 8 bit version and our PCI interface board.
The cable has a length of 2.5 m.

The cameras with highest data rates are:
1024 pixel/33 MHz camera series 2010 vhs with sensor Thomson: TH 7813 -> linerate: approx. 30KHz@8bit
2048 pixel/33 MHz camera series 2010 vhs with sensor Thomson: TH 7814 -> linerate: approx. 15KHz@8bit
2048 Pixel/16 Mhz camera series 2010 hs with sensor DALSA IL-C6 -> linerate: approx.. 7 KHz@8Bit
5150 pixel/16 MHz camera series 1000 hs with sensor Sony: ILX 553 -> linerate: approx. 3KHz@8bit
7450 pixel/33 MHz camera series 2010 vhs with sensor Toshiba: TCD 1707 -> linerate: approx. 3.5KHz@8bit

For example:
A pixel clock of 15MHz means, reading of one pixel value takes 1/15MHz = 66ns. Or in other words: a 1000 pixel camera reaches a maximum line frequency of 15MHz / 1000 = 15kHz, which means that the camera needs 66µs for the read of a complete line.

Download detailed broschure as PDF file
CCD line scan camera 1000 (52KB)
CCD line scan camera 2000 (160KB)

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