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Camera systems

The cameras have a M42-mount for connection to standard lens systems. The cameras can be connected to an embedded parallel port, a standard printer port (EPP/ECP-mode), or to our ISA- or PCI- interface board.

Series 1000
The cameras of the series 1000 are the low-priced solution for simple measuring tasks and are delivered with several sensors of Sony.

Standard version
The data transmission is 8 bit parallel with a maximum data transfer rate dependent of the sensor and Interface. Connected to our PCI interface board a data transmission rate of 33 MHz (30ns/pixel) can be reached. Lower frequencies are set by software. A camera with 2048 pixels and 1MHz for example is read in : 2048 x 1µs = 2.1 ms.

hs version
With our PCI interface board the data rate can reach the sensors maximal pixelclock (pclk) of up to 33 MHz. The cable has a length of 2.5 m.

Series 2000
The cameras of the series 2000 can be delivered with different sensors of the companies Texas Instrument, Thomson, Loral (former Fairchild), Dalsa or Hamamatsu. 8, 12 or 16 bit resolution of digitalization are available.

Special camera systems
Based on the series 2000, cameras with special sensors are available. The extensive sensor program guarantees optimal solution for your measuring problem. For example:
* Lines from 128 pixel for fast evaluation
* Lines with up to 7926 pixel for high resolution
* Sensors without window for the elimination of disturbing interferences
* Antireflex-coated windows for all wavelengths
* Sensors with large pixel plains and dynamic for Spectroscopy
* Antiblooming sensors for Overexposure immunity
* Sensors with shutter function
* Double line sensors for the simultaneous measurement of a reference spectra
* Sensors with expanded wavelength sensitivity in the UV-and X-ray region
* Cooled IR-linescan sensors with up to 300 pixel

The list of all available sensors you can find in the pdf document or in the price list.

Download detailed broschure as PDF file
CCD line scan camera 1000 (52KB)
CCD line scan camera 2000 (160KB)
Camera series1000
Camera series2000
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