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Sensor with Electronic Charge Multiplying
The new electronic charge multiplying CCDs (IMPACTRON) from TI (Texas Instruments) are a good, cost effective alternative to the MCP Image Intensifiers (ICCD). The charge carrier multiplication (CCM) is achieved by an impact ionization process that occurs during repeated carrier transfers through high field regions. Here the signal could be amplified up to 100 times. No high voltage and no additional tubes are required. The sensors could be cooled if necessary.


The here shown scans are made with the area sensor TC253 from TI. The sensor has 656 x 496 active pixel and can be used with the electronic charge multiplying and free adjustable binning (see binning).

Pictures on the right
Photos of a toy without amplification with amplification 30x and with maximum amplification 100x.

Applications in spectrometry
Image 4   Image 5

Area scan of a spectra without amplification

  Area scan of a spectra with amplification
Image 1
Image 3
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