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Special offer - 2nd grade IR line cameras

Non cooled 2nd grade IR Line cameras with Hamamatsu- Sensor G9204D.
2nd grade: max. 2% of the pixels are out of specs (max. 10 defective pixel, usually 1-2).

Max. exposuretime at room temperature: 2 secs.
Spectral range 0.9 to 1.7 µm
Pixel no. 512
Pixel size 25 x 500 µm
Pixel clock 500 kHz
Line rate (max.) 900 Hz
Cameras 16bit - Series 2000 @ 0.5 MHz
CCD - linescan camera (Ha : G9204-512) 512x 1 pixel (25x 500 µm) 4400.00 €


Prices and availability subject to change. Please ask for detailed offer.
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