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Sensor Adaptor
The adaptor allows to operate the sensor external to the camera housing. The sensor is mounted on a small board, which is connected to the camera with a cable of 0,5 meter length. By this approach it is possible to operate the sensor in otherwise hardly accessible places.

Adjustable Sensor Housing
For the mounting of the Sensor Adaptor an housing is available with the possibility to adjust the optical axis.


Sensor Distributor
With this Distributor, several sensors can be exposured exactly at the same time. After the exposure the data is transferred sequentially to the computer. When running the cameras with several interface boards, only sequentially exposure is possible.

Two distributor types are availlable:
Digital Distributor for parallel operation of several cameras.
Analog Distributor for parallel operation of several sensor adaptors.

Additional camera accessory
* Interface board for IBM-PC/ AT-compatible computers
* CCD-control for
- Pursued without computers
- Sensors with shutter function
 - exact delay and trigger
* Camera lenses
* Transport coffer
* manual

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